prepic.lwfa module

Modelling matched laser-plasma conditions in the LWFA regime

prepic.lwfa.matched_laser_plasma(a0, beam=<GaussianBeam(None, 0.8 µm)>)[source]

Computes matched laser params and plasma density.

From condition that dephasing length equals pump depletion length and condition for self-guided propagation we get optimal laser pulse duration τL and plasma density n_pe. From matching laser beam waist to plasma (α=1) we get the optimal beam waist w0. We also assume the bubble (blowout) radius to be R = w0 (β=1).

  • a0 (float, dimensionless) – normalized laser vector potential

  • beam (GaussianBeam, optional) – instance providing laser wavelength


Plasma instance with matched params

Ref: Lu, W. et al., Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 10 (6): 061301 Note: these scaling laws are valid up to a critical value a0c.