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analytically estimate various laser-plasma parameters for experiments and PIC simulations


  • estimation of accelerated bunch properties (charge, energy, etc.)

  • estimation of betatron spectrum

  • small codebase, with minimal dependencies

  • support for SI units via unyt

Quick start

Install the package via:

$ pip install prepic

Estimate ideal laser-plasma matching parameters based on scaling laws from [LTJT]:

>>> import unyt as u

>>> from prepic import matched_laser_plasma

>>> laser_plasma = matched_laser_plasma(a0=4.4 * u.dimensionless)
>>> print(laser_plasma)
Plasma with nₚ=1.1e+18 cm**(-3) (6.06e-04 × nc), ωₚ=0.058 1/fs, kₚ=0.193 1/µm, λₚ=32.5 µm, Ewb=98.8 MV/mm
Pc=28.0 TW, Ldeph=23.85 mm, Ldepl=23.85 mm, ΔE=2472.0 MeV over Lacc=23.85 mm
N=4.5e+09 electrons, Q=723.5 pC, η=0.114

Lu, Wei, et al. Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams 10.6 (2007): 061301.